Culture for One

Culture for One
Inspiring NYC children living in foster care

We are so grateful for WellMet’s support at this critical time for Culture For One. WellMet’s grant will help us transition to a fully independent 501(c)(3) organization, and will allow us to continue expanding the programs we offer to New York City youth




Culture for One’s mission is to enrich the lives and improve the futures of youth in the foster care system. Access to the arts, rarely available to youth in foster care, is a vital means of stimulating a child’s intellectual development. Culture for One partners with social service agencies and foster care facilities to provide free programs such as excursions to visual and performing arts venues, onsite arts workshops for youth who are not able to travel, and distribution of home art projects for tots to foster parents.
WellMet’s grant of $25,000 will be used to increase organizational capacity and transition to becoming an independent 501(c)(3) entity.

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