A collaborative effort

This website was born out of a collaboration between WellMet and the students in the Digital Communications and Media program at New York University. Here are some highlights!

Students complete the marshmallow challenge as part of a team building exercise.
Designing for a client, from concept to wireframing to coding, is an excellent way to teach-by-doing
Students present their work to members of WellMet.
Our collaboration embodied the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit of WellMet.


A big thanks to:

NYU Students & Faculty:

Cyril Tsiboulski — instructor
Kwasi Bosompem
Jeffrey Conway
Ignacio Foster
Naavin Karimbux
Alexander Lee
Chris Lough
Chastidy Rimolo
Maxwell Vazquez

Members of WellMet:

Julie Art
Jennifer Geiling
Deborah McManus
Patty Bayer Troup