WellMet Philanthropy funds emerging nonprofits that serve New York City communities.  In our 20 plus years, WellMet has granted $3.4 million dollars to over 190 organizations across the five boroughs.  We focus on direct services and our grantees typically work within the following sectors.  

  • Education and Youth
    We combine these two sectors because they are often intertwined.  Grantees include organizations that offer:

    • Programs to support graduation from high school and college
    • After school programs (e.g., sports, tutoring, dance)
    • Mentoring
    • STEM and technology education for children (through high school)
    • Self-confidence and personal development for children (through college)
  • Community Development
    This sector includes organizations whose missions focus on the following:

    • People with disabilities
    • Immigrants
    • Health
    • Hunger and Food Security
    • Intergenerational initiatives
    • Women
    • Senior Citizens
    • LGBTQ Community
  • Employment
    • Job training and placement
  • Justice
    Organizations that work within Justice focus on areas of equity, including:
    • Support for victims of crime and formerly incarcerated
    • Support for children and families in the foster care system
    • Support within criminal justice system.
    • Decreasing the recidivism rate

Many WellMet grantees work within multiple sectors.  However, for the purpose of illustrating our  grant history through the Impact Map, we have endeavored to place each organization into only one sector by using the sector definitions offered above.